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Di.fm, Sky.fm and JazzRadio.com (Free or Premium)



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Post Tue Apr 24, 2012 11:36 pm

Di.fm, Sky.fm and JazzRadio.com (Free or Premium)

Source Type: Web Ressource
Media Type: Audio
Version: 2

Version 2
(24.57 KiB) Downloaded 837 times

1.0 Initial version. (2012-04-24)
2.0 Implemented getVersion and updated thumbnails cache info. (2013-02-10)

--For full listing(mp3):
Source URL(di.fm free): http://listen.di.fm/public3
Source URL(di.fm premium): http://listen.di.fm/premium?listen_key= ... 0000000000
Source URL(di.fm premium-high): http://listen.di.fm/premium_high?listen ... 0000000000
Source URL(sky.fm free): http://listen.sky.fm/public3
Source URL(sky.fm premium): http://listen.sky.fm/premium?listen_key ... 0000000000
Source URL(sky.fm premium-high): http://listen.sky.fm/premium_high?liste ... 0000000000
Source URL(jazzradio.com free): http://listen.jazzradio.com/public3
Source URL(jazzradio.com premium-high): http://listen.jazzradio.com/premium_hig ... 0000000000

--Single channel, from webpage(mp3):
Source URL(di.fm free): http://listen.di.fm/public3/vocalchillout.pls
Source URL(di.fm premium): http://listen.di.fm/premium/vocalchillo ... 0000000000
Source URL(di.fm premium-high): http://listen.di.fm/premium_high/vocalc ... 0000000000

*Note: The listen key is available at:


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Re: Di.fm, Sky.fm and JazzRadio.com (Free or Premium)

Thanks for this plugin. Very helpful now that JazzRadio.com has limited public streaming in Canada.

I'm trying to access the JazzRadio Premium stream via my WDTV. All the channels are visible but they time out after about a minute and a half. The WDTV then jumps to the next channel in the list.

Is there a setting that will force the WDTV to stay on the selected channel?


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Post Mon Jan 26, 2015 6:53 pm

Re: Di.fm, Sky.fm and JazzRadio.com (Free or Premium)

I cant get any of these working, have they stopped it? i logged on the listening key site and i have a valid key, do i need to enter it anywhere?

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