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Philips PUS601 and Serviio issues



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Philips PUS601 and Serviio issues

Hi guys,

As the title is stating I have a newly bought Philips PUS6501 Android TV and I use Serviio as DLNA server. I have one small problem and I don't know if this is a client or a server issue. Kodi is smart enough to play external subtitles too, but ~5 minutes towards the end of the clip the subtitles stop playing. On the computer the subtitles are working just fine.

Is there a way to debug this? Is it the wrong TV profile selected inside Serviio, "Philips 2010 -"? Do I really need a profile selected there?

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Right now I have an Epipone Special ll and I like its sound for its price, but it dosent sound all that great when I up the distortion.

I'm looking for any suggestions please, and thanks to anyone who has any.

sorry if this thread has been done, I did use the search bar.
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Re: Philips PUS601 and Serviio issues

I use Kodi on my Nvidia Shield, which is also an Android device. No, I don't use any profile for it. But the Shield is a very powerful player, so I can't say if your TV will also play everything without transcoding. Try switching to the generic profile and see if that clears up your issue.

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