Post Mon Feb 05, 2018 12:19 pm

NSV (Nullsoft Supported Video) Online Stream Support

Decided to switch off from TVersity since I recently realized how out of date that media server was since I couldn't go more than a few days at a time before the service just refused to start at all. So far, Serviio has been a great alternative with one minor catch. Some of my favourite online radio stations still use NSV as their stream format of choice and even with some trial and error with various online sources settings, none of the aforementioned stations would show up among my online sources.

I know that NSV is an archaic audio format at this point, but I would hate to have to keep looking through DLNA media servers just to find another one that supports online radio no matter the format. So if it's not asking too much, please consider adding this as part of the list of supported file formats. Thank you in advance for the response.