Post Tue Jan 01, 2019 3:37 pm

Usuable seek&search in MediaBrowser

I've noticed that the seek&search function when using the left/right arrow keys on the keyboard, jumps in increments of a whooping 3 minutes. This is basically unusable for fine-grained search, which is usually what one wants with this function, as searching farther in a file will be much easier using the mouse to drag the cursor to the desired position. Fine-grained search with the mouse is much less practical.
Since it is not, would it be possible either to make this function customizable, or to reduce the jump time to 30s increments (a combination of keys to have multiple options would be nice too, for example: arrows only for 30s, arrow+alt for 1 min, arrow+alt+ctrl or whatever for 3 min)?
Thanks in advance.