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Generate DLNA video / music playlists server side?



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Generate DLNA video / music playlists server side?


I'm completely new to the DLNA thing, i used xbmc and samba shares for a long while but since i've purchased a smart tv i've just recently discovered this dlna thing and transcoding server side is beautiful!

The issue i've ran into is that i need a way to create random playlists for both video files and music files server side, i have a javascript that generates vlc playlists that works with XBMC but how can i do this for DLNA content and play these playlists using my LG TV?

Why is random video playlist cool? Well it acts are your own "tv channel" where you have movies, music videos, series etc and it plays everything random and updates the playlist each night everytime the scheduled job to look for new files and update the playlists server side.

Anyone have an idea how i can do this?



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Re: Generate DLNA video / music playlists server side?

Here's an example of a playlist that works with Serviio. You could probably write a script that would write one like this, and set a timer to run it once a day or something. Notice that the file location line is the only one that contains anything important. The Title Line can be blank, and the Length line can even be absent.

File1=I:\Dr. No (1962).m2ts
Title1= -  -
File2=E:\Video_3\From Russia With Love (1963).m2ts
Title2= -  -
File3=G:\Goldfinger (1964).m2ts
Title3= -  -
File4=I:\Thunderball (1965).m2ts
Title4= -  -
File5=E:\Video_3\Casino Royale (1967).mkv
Title5= -  - Casino Royale (1967)
File6=I:\You Only Live Twice (1967).mpg
Title6= -  -
File7=I:\Diamonds Are Forever (1971).m2ts
Title7= -  -
File8=F:\Recorded TV\Never Say Never Again (1983).wtv
Title8= -  -
File9=G:\CASINO ROYALE (2006).mkv
Title9= -  - CASINO ROYALE
File10=H:\Quantum of Solace (2008).mkv
Title10= -  - Quantum of Solace
File11=G:\Skyfall (2012).mkv
Title11= -  - Skyfall
File12=H:\The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003).mkv
Title12= -  -
File13=F:\Video_4\The Hunt for Red October (1990).m2ts
Title13= -  -


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