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Serviio Running but files are not adding and can't be played



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Post Thu Dec 07, 2017 3:56 pm

Serviio Running but files are not adding and can't be played

I have been using Serviio for many years now with great success. Recently everything went to hell and I've been unable to fix it. I am an engineer, however, I am not a developer so please, if you have help for me please keep in in the causal user domain.

Serviio is running as usual on the latest release. My machine is running Windows 10 Home Version 1703
I have three displays (2 Samsung, 1 Visio) all are listed correcting in the devices with the correct IP address and the same profile that has worked all along. The indicators are all green. There was an OS update recently but then I have that on automatic and it has updated many times in the past. I have force refreshed the system over and over again. I have reloaded the software update, started and stopped many times. I have rebooted everything nothing changes the following:

1) new files that are added to the folders no longer show up on the devices.
2) files will no longer play. one display says "file type not supported" the other two just say "error"

Right now this system is useless but I thought I would give the forum a try before I ditch this and try something else.


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Post Thu Dec 07, 2017 4:25 pm

Re: Serviio Running but files are not adding and can't be pl

Look at my sig line for instructions for enabling the debug log, then attempt to add files and play something. After that, please upload the log here so someone can look it over and see if there's something glaring that's happening. Also, please tell us which profile Serviio is using for each device.

I have used Serviio with Windows 7 Pro, as well as Windows 10 Home and Pro without issue. So there's something else at play here.

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HOWTO: Enable debug logging HOWTO: Identify media file contents

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