Post Sat Feb 15, 2014 9:55 am

how i got it working on mac os x with samsung ue40d

finally i got i all working. i'm streaming over my wifi with the samsung tv connected to the router with a network cable.

i searched the forums here because serviio didn't show up in all share. found some threads trying to help with this issue but none that helped with my specific problem. what solved my problem were force quitting the server in activity monitor on my mac and then restart it. suddenly serviio showed up in all share.

off topic, one strange thing with my samsung smart tv are that it doesn't play .mkv. why i'm not sure but renaming the file to .mp4 does it.

now i have no problem with streaming hd movies with subs. no buffering what so ever. thanks serviio for a prefect solution for me and my mac. before i used playback but it is not able to add subs so for when i found serviio it made me a very happy boy :)