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any Transcodingfile for Onkyo BD-809?



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any Transcodingfile for Onkyo BD-809?

Hi there,
i just bought an Onkyo BD-809.
I can connect to my Serviio (1.9) and play audio-files.
But with generic profil it does not find my video-files like mp4.

I've tried several other profiles. Mostly it doesn't work, but with some transcode profiles it browses the video-files.
When trying to play them, it gives a short green screen and it only plays audio.

Does anyone know, how to write a transcode profile or already own one?



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Re: any Transcodingfile for Onkyo BD-809?

I assume it's the BD-SP809. I can't find any specs for that player. The Onkyo USA site doesn't list any such model number. It took some searching, but I finally found a manual for it. This is a pretty old player, with no firmware updates since 2014. Users complain that it won't play a lot of newer discs because of that.

Anyway, it appears to have limited DLNA support. For movies, it only lists MPEG 1, MPEG 2 PS, MPEG 2 TS / TTS files. It doesn't mention codec support at all, but since it's a BD player it should support H.264 without an issue. Notice it doesn't mention MP4 at all, so you need to transcode those files. That's why they don't appear, because they aren't a playable file.

So, what profile should you try? I really can't say. I'd have to look at every profile included with Serviio, and that would take more time than I have available right now. I can say that no Roku profile will work, because all Roku players support MP4. I do see the "Samsung TV / player (E/F-series)" does have a Matches line for MP4, as long as the audio is LPCM.

Honestly, for the quickest solution, I would simply start trying different profiles and see which ones allow you to play back MP4 files. If that profile breaks something else, at least you have a starting point for what resolves the MP4 problem and you can work from there. The DirecTV profile is supposed to transcode everything, but is uses a destination audio codec that your play might not support, so watch for that.

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