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MPO support



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MPO support


This is my first post on the forum, and I am aware that this has been raised before but have been unable to find a resolve.

I have a Fujifilm 3D camera which saves 3D images as MPO format; the issue I have is that despite my Samsung TV's recognising MPO format via direct USB connection, it does not recognise the same MPO files via DLNA? Funny seeing as Serviio has no problem streaming 3D video format?

I appreciate that 3D still images are a 'niche' but i am sure I am not the only person who would like this feature to be implemented into Serviio (which in my humble opinion is by far the best media server out there!)

I have searched and scoured the internet for an alternative media server just for the purpose of viewing my 3D pictures via my TV's 'smart' capabilities, however there seems to be no media server in existence that fully supports streaming of MPO files via DLNA?

Is this something that Serviio developers would consider adding as a feature or is support for streaming MPO 3D images really dead :-(

Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: MPO support



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Re: MPO support

Finally running a NAS, looking how to get my thousands of stereo photos .MPO (https://fileinfo.com/extension/mpo) to display on our Panasonic which handle .MPO and .JPS (https://fileinfo.com/extension/jps) and Serviio looks to be a well polished product, I really like the presentation a lot but I'm sad all my .MPO files don't show up. Even more by the fact that I now read this was requested over 2 years ago.

Any chance to see this happen soon? Like in 2017? I know a few forums where stereoscopic 3D enthusiasts would like to hear Serviio is now a DLNA solution for watching 3D pictures.

While at it, I really like the 3 little icons showing numbers of video, picture and music files. Could it be possible to have a button that would expand a window and show a break down of all file types under each little logo? Like under Video we could read something like this:
1364 .MP4
 311 .AVI
 789 .MOV

and under Pictures:
36273 .JPG
 8439 .MPO

same for music.

New NAS owner, having a look at Serviio...

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