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Firewall settings for newbie



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Firewall settings for newbie

Sorry to ask in case it is plainly available but I cannot find a step-by-step troubleshooting or instruction guide on how to change firewall settings.

The last time I installed the app was v 1.0.1 and my Samsung BD player found it displayed on my TV, it was a 5 minute installation.
Since then I have never had a need to log into my router.

I purchased a new computer and new router and downloaded v1.6.1.
The same Samsung C6500 BD player does not display the Serviio menu.
After checking troubleshooting tips (attached) i'm sure my issues have something to do with my router firewall settings but I don't know how to make the suggested changes.

Changes suggested are TCP port 8895 and UDP 1900 firewall settings and "push service'
Where do I change all that in my Hitron Router.

I am not router savvy, I was hoping there is a troubleshooting guide that can take me through changing the ports and how to push services.
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Re: Firewall settings for newbie

The firewall on a router controls access from the Internet to your LAN. That is not what is affecting your devices ability to see the Serviio Server (that is LAN to LAN traffic). So, don't worry about looking at your router just yet.

The FAQ is referring to the firewall on your server. If a Windows user, this will either be Windows Firewall by default, or a third party firewall (eg Avast) if you have installed one. In either case allow access in this app, either to the Serviio app, or by allowing the ports through.
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