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PS59D555C1K vs BD-C6900



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Post Fri Aug 12, 2011 2:06 pm

PS59D555C1K vs BD-C6900

Got a new PS59D555 a few days ago, have had a BD-C6900 a year

First looks:
Nice new graphic interface on the D555 compared to the C6900.

Some movies work using the C6900 but not with the D555
FastForwarding (in jumps) works with the C6900 almost always.
FastForwarding seem not to work at all using the D555

I have not checked exactly what formats plays and not, so see this as an early note...

edit: should state, using 0.52 on a FreeNAS 0.7x system.


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Post Sun Aug 14, 2011 5:13 pm

Re: PS59D555C1K vs BD-C6900

The c series will give you best results at the current time as teh D series works slightly differently and no one has done the changes needed to the profile for it yet..
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Post Thu Aug 18, 2011 6:53 am

Re: PS59D555C1K vs BD-C6900

I asked Samsung support about this, that I find that the D has problems reading files that C accepts.

They replied that they are aware of this, and that there are also differences depending on what media the device is reading from. They used the example that more file formats are accepted reading from a USB device than from a DLNA server.

I guess you are right, we need to test what a D can read and not, and make appropriate changes to the profile, which will probably mean more transcoding for the D generation.

I also have problems with stuttering pictures.

When viewing some 1080p nature stuff, typically nature programs with gigantic flocks of birds it seems to overload somewhere in the chain (FreeNAS/Transcode?/ data transfer / decoding or transfer from the BD-C6900 to the TV. The symptom is that the picture start to stutter.
I saw this problem with my old TV too, so at least it is not the TV...and would be unlikely anyway since the TV in itself is just used as a monitor.

Now, with 3D 1080p, I have even greater problems and quite a few of the 3D files I have halts for a fraction of a second every couple of seconds. Very annoying.

Just a few words on the image quality also:
-Great image quality
-A bit sensitive to background lighting and reflexes from windows
-At daytime, if sunlight (or any strong light reflexes) are visible through the 3D-glass lenses, a flickering is seen when the glasses turn on and off. It makes it impossible (at least for me) to use them.
-I was a little worried about my viewing distance to it. I sit about 2.5 meter from it. Not for watching HD but for standard stuff. But it works well. The eye quickly adopts and it is no problem to watch news or non-HD TV shows. (But of course - it is the HD that impress...)

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