Post Fri Jul 26, 2019 9:37 pm

XF90 not seeing external input

Hey guys, I've gotten my xf90 yesterday, and I can't make the tv recognize Serviio as an external input.
When I check the status I can see my tv as a media renderer with a generic profile (which I've tried changing to all the bravia models, playstation 3, samsungs tvs), it's green. Both my pc and tv are connected to a router with a cat6 ethernet cable. Using a file manager (X-plore), under DLNA I can see Serviio, and I can see the content on my server, but playing it makes my computer's cpu go at 95% (i7 4790k), and my network stays under 100 (my internet is 100/50, and I've been reading that Sony TVs only support 10/100 when connected with a wire. No matter what profile I choose, when swapping between inputs - Serviio is not there.

Could I get some help with my issues? Thank you all!