Post Fri Dec 14, 2012 2:09 pm

Sony BDP-S590 - online playback issue

Noob here. I tried the search but couldn't find the relevant information, hence this post.

I just set up Serviio on my PC in order to send live streams to my S590.

After initially adding some (4) channels to the "Online" tab in the Serviio console, I was able to access them on my S590 and play them back without problems. I was so happy.

After adding more channels to the list all channels, out of the sudden, disappeared on my S590, as if I removed them all on the console (which I didn't of course).

Running many (noob) scenarios I figured that only uninstalling Serviio and re-installing Serviio brings back the online playback capability to my S590.

I cannot get my S590 to receive the channel list any other way but re-installing it on the PC.

I tried stopping and starting the server (within the Serviio console). Stopping and starting the process within Windows. Rebooting Windows. Rebooting the S590. Removing channels and adding them again one at a time.

One single time it happened that a channel re-appeared on my S590 without re-installing and I think I just stopped the server and restarted it.

I'm totally at a loss.

I'd be grateful for some help how to get this sorted. Thanks in advance.