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Working transcoding profile for 42LW5500 with hardsubs



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Working transcoding profile for 42LW5500 with hardsubs


I am overjoyed by the awesomecake that is Serviio 1.2.1.
Finally I have managed to set up a media server that does the things that I need it to, which are:
- transcoding DTS and FLAC audio tracks in MKV
- providing subtitles
- supporting ASS subtitles
- the above listed things not being mutually exclusive

Getting to this point though has required plenty of googling, lots of forum lurking and selective copy-pasting. As a result, I have stitched up the following content to the LG TV profile, which I must admit is not exhaustively tested.
           <!-- Remux WTV files to MPEG-PS with no transcoding-->
           <Video targetContainer="mpeg">
              <Matches container="wtv" />
           <!-- transcode unsupported video codecs into mpeg-ts, h264 and ac3 audio -->
           <!-- Transcode h264 videos with profile level > 4.1 to mpegts with ac3 audio -->
           <Video targetContainer="mpegts" targetVCodec="mpeg2video" targetACodec="ac3">           
              <Matches container="avi" vCodec="mjpeg" />
              <Matches container="avi" vCodec="dvvideo" />
              <Matches container="mp4" vCodec="mjpeg" />
              <Matches container="asf" />
              <Matches container="flv" />
              <Matches container="ogg" />
              <Matches container="matroska" vCodec="h264" profile="high_10" levelGreaterThan ="4.1" />
           <!-- transcode unsupported audio codecs in MKV into AC3 -->
           <Video targetContainer="mpegts" targetACodec="ac3" >
              <Matches container="matroska" aCodec="dca" />
              <Matches container="matroska" aCodec="flac" />
              <Matches container="matroska" aCodec="vorbis" />
              <Matches container="matroska" aCodec="truehd" />
           <!-- unsupported audio will be transcoded into lpcm audio -->
           <Audio targetContainer="lpcm">
              <Matches container="flac" />
              <Matches container="ogg" />
              <Matches container="asf" />
              <Matches container="adts" />
      <Video targetContainer="mpegts" targetVCodec="mpeg2video" targetACodec="ac3" />
      <SoftSubs mime-type="text/srt;text/x-ssa;text/x-ass;text/microdvd" />
         <RequiredFor container="matroska" />

With these settings I've managed to play MKV with full HD Hi10P h264 video, FLAC audio and ASS subtitles, which has previously been an impossible task.

NOTE: The bundled ffmpeg version has problems initializing at least ASS subtitles. As suggested in another thread, I got the latest win64 build which works fine. (http://ffmpeg.zeranoe.com/builds/win64/static/) I'm running Serviio on 64-bit Windows 7.

I eventually got this working notably past bedtime, so I have not reached absolute perfection on all accounts. One minor issue is not getting embedded softsubs working properly with MKV files, but this is something that is most likely LG's fault. All kinds of softsubs, embedded and external, work fine when played directly from USB drive connected to the TV. But as I have previously noticed with earlier Serviio versions, presence of valid subtitles, such as external SRT, makes MKV files completely unable to play. This now also happens if embedded subtitles are enabled without enabling hardsubs. At least previously, external SRT subs have worked fine with other containers, such as MP4 files, so as long as hardsubs work, I am not too dissapointed.

I do have one question about softsubs though. How should multiple supported softsub mime types be defined? As a type list like the educated guess I've attempted in the profile? The schema does not seem to support multiple SoftSubs elements (results in parser errors in log). I have not managed to find an example profile that would list more than one supported softsub mime type.


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Post Sun May 26, 2013 8:10 pm

Re: Working transcoding profile for 42LW5500 with hardsubs

AFAIK, the LG players don't need hardsubs. They support softsubs. Serviio will always convert softsubs to srt, so you only need one mime-type in the softsubs section (that of srt).

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