Post Fri Aug 19, 2011 10:45 pm

LG Optimus Speed


I have a LG Optimus Speed mobile. It has a Smartshare app which works pretty well. It can also select Serviio as source and then play a movie, music or pictures on the destination...let's say my Samsung TV or the mobile itself via DLNA.

The problem I have is that it takes ages till the Smartshare app displays Serviio in the source list. Other devices are detected basically instanly, like my TV. All devices (my laptop running Serviio, the mobile, the TV, etc.) are all connected to a router (Fritzbox) which then forms the network. All devices are in the same room and all are constantly connected to the router.

As, I said, since the mobile Smartshare app detects devices like the TV instantly, it shouldn't take so very much longer to detect and list Serviio. Does anybody know what is going on?