Post Thu Jul 31, 2014 1:40 am

Panasonic Viera TX-L47ET60E ( 2013 ) - probs with subtitles

Hi there.
First off let me start by giving a big thanks for everyone working on Serviio - it's a great media solution - pretty much the best I've tried.
I recently purchased a Panasonic TX-L47ET60E and wanted to make my life easier playing video files by using a Media Server.
My issue with the Panasonic's internal player is that the subtitle is very very small and difficult to read.
Now, while the TV itself reads pretty much everything you through at it, in order to have some "options" for the subtitles I need a media server that transcodes the files before they are streamed to the TV.
After I installed Serviio, everything played out just fine except for the subtitles that were displayed by the TV ( available in the TV's menu ) as usual very small - since I didn't force the burned subtitles option yet.
My subtitles are usually in SRT format in Romanian language.
If I enter CP1250 at character encoding in Console, everything is displayed correctly, but the font is still too small, I reckon it's a very bit bigger than the TV's option but still too small.
If I use SubtitleEdit to convert a .SRT file into a .ASS file with the CP1250 encoding, I get a much bigger and better subtitle aspect, but the special Romanian characters are shown weird.
Is there something I'm doing wrong ?
Also a very annoying issue is that when the burned subtitles option is active ( always ) - and so the transcoding is ON ( either with the SRT or ASS ) - I can't seem to skip forward in movies. I get the Please Wait and then jumps to the next file.