Post Mon Jun 22, 2015 7:11 pm

Film Uploader / Organizer, useful tool for Serviio/Kodi/etc

This is a little Utility I wrote a while ago to help manage my media file.

The Utility lets you configure where your films/series are stored on your disk and easily renames, formats and place them in the correct locations. The simple input screen pre-populates season/episode numbers based on the file name or by the content of your series collection, allowing you to quickly copy your media to the correct location with a naming format that is optimized for Serviio/Kodi. The utility also adds a Windows Explorer "Send To" to the context menu so you can simply click on the file and "Send To" the appropriate location.

I have updated the utility recently to handle the "Limited Access" functionality introduced in Serviio 1.4 making it easier to maintain two collections.

The readme (film Uploader.doc) and Install (Setup.exe) can be downloaded from