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How To for Granius Media Players



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How To for Granius Media Players

Ok... One of these days I am going to sit down and learn how to right groovys...

In the meantime here is a how-to in perpetuity for Granius MediaStreaming. Granius is a webstreaming provider for Government entities. In this case, I am in Texas and often need to livestream various legislative and county government meetings taking place whilst I work at home.

Previously, I requested a plugin, but I figured out how to grab the stream and tomorrow I will be testing the livestream to confirm my findings. This how-to/tutorial takes you through the steps of:

    Finding the RTMP Url via Wireshark
    Configuring Serviio

Download Wireshark, its reliable and has cross platform support (especially for us Unix folks). Here are the instructions:
Close all other applications, except the browser
Close all tabs in the browser, except the one that loads the web radio page
Capture the whole traffic of your system, while you listen to the radio stream. HINT: You must start the capture before you click on the "Play" button/link. Don't use any capture filter!
Look at the TCP statstics (Statistics -> Conversation List -> TCP)
Sort the out for "Bytes" or "Packets"
The connection with the most Bytes/Packets is most certainly the audio stream
Click on that connection and then click on "Follow Stream"
At the beginning of the TCP connection, you should see the URL (if it was streamed via HTTP).
(credit Kurt Knochner @ Wireshark Forums for answer https://ask.wireshark.org/questions/13425/streaming-url )

Key thing when you are looking at the text of the Followed Stream... The URL comes in two parts: the initial RTMP handshake and then the rest of the URL.

[b]These parts have to be searched for so dont let their breakup fool you![/b]


The url in its entirety is rtmp:// ... daed36.mp4 in this example.

Afterwards, simply paste the URL into the Serviio admin console (Livestreams) and check the URL to make sure you have the proper syntax.

Enjoy your government live streams (I will testing the realtime stuff tomorrow)
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Re: How To for Granius Media Players

I was wondering around for the same thing. Thanks!


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Re: How To for Granius Media Players

This is good for genius media players. This is an alternative media player. I like plug part the most which is simply connected with MP


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Re: How To for Granius Media Players

There is a certain technique that needs to follow and it will be very pains to find out the steps which will be provided by https://errorcode0x.com/fixed-firefox-c ... oad-xpcom/
and that have to follow by the user and then only it will able to play the media player.

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