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huge images / dcraw / 46pfl8007



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Post Fri May 23, 2014 3:29 pm

huge images / dcraw / 46pfl8007

Dear all,

using the Philips 2010- profile my Canon CR2 (usually about 20+ MB) full format images sometimes transcode, sometimes they don't on my 46PFL8007 :x

What I found out so far:

- jpg are displayed without any issues as soon I set:
<AllowedImageResolutions large="5496x5496" medium="1024x768" small="640x480" /> in profiles.xml
- huge jpg fail as soon they are resized to the standard large="4096x4096"!
- jpg never had issues when no resizing is needed

However cr2 are displayed without any issues on my WLAN attached Android Devices and in the LAN attached Windows web browser (pro version)

The only hint I got from the log is:

2014-05-23 16:35:50,389 DEBUG [ServiioHttpService] Incoming request from / SUBSCRIBE /serviceEventing/ContentDirectory HTTP/1.1, headers = [HOST:,SID: uuid:3be1aaeb-d873-4135-afe0-d64842776791,TIMEOUT: Second-15]

So I tend to believe that I'm running in a timeout scenario caused either by the TV or Serviio.

I already set

-Dserviio.useNetworkTOS=true -Dserviio.fixedPointEncoders=true -Dserviio.socketBuffer=1024000 in JAVA_OPTS without any luck.

Any clue how to workaround this issue?


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Post Mon Jun 30, 2014 10:49 pm

Re: huge images / dcraw / 46pfl8007

It might be due to the huge JPG transcoding taking too much memory / time. You could try to increase the -Xmx parameter to use more memory.

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