Post Tue Dec 19, 2017 10:55 pm

Serviio translate names of films and folder in English ???

Good night every body
First, excuse my poor English.
I used Serviio 1.9 since 1 hour but before i used Twonky a long time. I know how that's work.

Installation, set into French, only one folder shared, the good one and on my Smart TV Philips, ALL of them with titles in French in the PC have their titles turned in English. Not only titles but also names of folders.
In the shared folder on PC all are in Franch. On the TV Screen DLNA by Serviiio All in turned into English.
Any idea how it's possible.

Twonky 6/7 years long had never did that. Orange Server never did that.
I inspect the whole config sets and found nothing.

Thanks a lot