Post Sun Jan 15, 2017 5:53 pm

Enhanced RESCAN and REFRESH options for efficiency

I have a significant video collection, audio collectionn and photo collection in Serviio. It is organized with multiple Folder Trees for each category.

For Serviio, how many audio tracks, videos or photos are "too many"?

Is it possible that the FOLDER REFRESH could be specific to just one of the categories or shares so that when I, for instance, mass update the metadata in the filenames of videos/graphics, I could restrict the refresh to just one category, for instance, video, or just one folder tree rather than requiring a complete rescan of audio and photos which likely have not changed?

Same question for Metadata RESCAN. If I update or add entries on or, why do I need or want to RESCAN all metadata in all folder trees?

It also would seem prudent to add a schedule for automatic generic RESCAN of Metadata periodically to pickup, for instance, updates or additions to or or whatever, perhaps, by category (Audio, Video, Photos). As all of my Photos are personal, both the content and metadata are, for the most part, very static so RESCAN or REFRESH of Photos is neither necessary or as frequent as Movies or TV Shows. Perhaps Weekly or Monthly or Quarterly?