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Auto-add New Devices As Generic DLNA Profile



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Auto-add New Devices As Generic DLNA Profile

Please add a setting to the Console/Status page, either as a sub-setting for "Enable access for new devices", or standalone as follows:

"Add all new devices as Generic DLNA profile"

This is important/necessary for the following reasons:

1) Most new devices aren't from 2009-2013 and dont have the same limitations and restrictions as they did then, and are far more capable (dont need transcoding/etc).
2) New devices from the same manufacturer of already-existing profiles (e.g. LG TV) dont have the same limitations as devices from 2009-2013 as per the profile that is auto-detected for them.
3) Already detected LAN Devices occasionally shift IP addresses (DHCP reassignment or different wired/wireless interfaces used) thus causing them to be re-detected, and re-assigned the auto-detected profile (which is of course as previously stated, woefully outdated and problematic) as compared to the wide capability and compatibility of the Generic DLNA profile, thus "overriding" manually configuration of Generic DLNA profiles.
4) The Generic DLNA profile is by far the most compatible (and therefore most usable) profile, especially for new more capable/complaint DLNA devices, and should be the default for all newly added devices.
5) Saves the user the very likely laborious and unnecessary effort of trying to modify some buggy/old/outdated specific manufacturer/device profile, when in fact the Generic DLNA profile is most compatible.
6) Its the most rational default setting for new devices, especially considering the problematic outdated devices profiles and all of the above.

FTR, I have to go in and manually override "new" devices every time they shift IPs/interfaces to "Generic DLNA profile" as it is the only profile that actually works without issue with every single UPnP/DLNA device I have on my network (and there are many from all sorts of manufactuers and model years) - every other specific manufacturer/device type profile is, quite simply, broken/limited/restricted/outdated/unecessary - whereas the Generic DLNA profile "just works", every time, without issue: I have yet to encounter a device-specific profile that actually didn't break streaming for the detected device in one way or another.

Even if you think device-specific profiles are necessary, due to the reasons expressed above, the Generic DLNA profile needs to be the default for all new/re-detected devices, and barring that, the setting I have described needs to be added to allow the user to force any/all "newly" devices to be detected as Generic DLNA (to prevent/address all the problems listed above)

A simple setting to prevent a lot of unnecessary individual reconfiguration of "newly" detected devices.


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Post Mon Apr 01, 2019 10:55 pm

Re: Auto-add New Devices As Generic DLNA Profile

While I think you offer a reasonable suggestion, and it would absolutely be of value for some users, I disagree that "all" profiles are worthless. Some profiles are updated regularly, and the developer welcomes new and updated profiles for inclusion. I agree there are certainly some outdated profiles, but the developer can't himself make a profile for a device he doesn't own. He depends on users like us to assist with that process.

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Post Mon Apr 01, 2019 11:34 pm

Re: Auto-add New Devices As Generic DLNA Profile

In a way this option is also related to the mac address issue and the inability to maintain stable devices id's.

It is OK if you have fixed IP addresses (as I do for many devices) but it is not feasible for all devices.

Also there are problems with the Generic DLNA profile like its failure to support high resolution artwork.
(this is the subject of another feature request viewtopic.php?f=3&t=25218 ).
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