Post Mon May 20, 2019 1:27 pm

Media browser customization


Problem: I have a "Toshiba" Smart TV based on Vewd (i.e. OperaTV). Currently I can embed custom applications in two ways:
- It is possible to add own page's URL as a Vewd developer
- It is possible to re-define a domain name for some applications via DNS to redirect it to internal address
(* -> resolved as 192.168.0.X (nginx in LAN) -> redirects to Serviio's mediabrowser URL)

I have replaced one application with Mediabrowser page but see several issues:
- D-Pad navigation works very ugly missing focuses on several controls
- UI ignores playback controls (play/pause/etc) on a tv remote

Proposed solution: Add a capability to embed custom JS into web interface. Outcome:
- It will be possible to add custom event handlers to catch remote's buttons (play/pause, "red"/"green"/"blue"/"yellow" for custom operations like fullscreen-toggle)
- I saw a question on this forum regarding patching HTML page to embed Google Analytics, so such use-cases can be resolved this way too.
- Via JS it will be possible to embed custom CSS to fix issues with D-PAD navigation.

I believe that a single setting parameter with an URL to a remote JS file will work perfectly. Such file can be hosted remotely (e.g. on

I know there is a w/a to patch files in jar-file, but such customization will be broken across updates.
Of course DLNA works great but it's cool to navigate across your media library having all media details: movie description, covers, etc