Post Sat Nov 25, 2017 11:15 am

Need Help for Kodi

Hi guys,

I need help regarding Upgrading my Kodi version to 17.5.

I uninstalled the previous version of Kodi and went to PlayStore, to download the latest version, but the installation failed. I tried almost 5 to 6 times but unable installed. I restarted the device and then installed it and it got installed. But when I ran it, it flashed and returned to the apps screen.

Please help me out what to do??
Should I sideload it or what?

Plus, if there is any issue regarding my Shield OS version or something that please let me know. I can share the hardware and software details. Though I don't think that my either its hardware or software is damaged. But still, I will look into it. I also tried KodiAddonz but couldn't find a single clue there either

Need your suggestions and solutions