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Video stops playing fixed



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Post Sat Mar 03, 2018 10:20 am

Video stops playing fixed

Show stops playing

Source video is file extension rm with rv30 video / cook audio, device is chromecast.

It transcodes to hls to chromecast. Makes all segments but sound goes out at same spot chromecast gives out.

Source file plays fine on my pc locally.

Source mediainfo:

Complete name               : E:\cartoons\Dragon Ball Z\Season 1\Dragon Ball Z 1x17.rm
Format                      : RealMedia
File size                   : 31.8 MiB
Duration                    : 19mn 38s
Overall bit rate            : 225 Kbps
Movie name                  : dbz epi 017
Performer                   : www.CoolDBZ.co.nr
Copyright                   : www.CoolDBZ.co.nr

ID                          : 1
Format                      : RealVideo 3
Codec ID                    : RV30
Codec ID/Info               : Between H.263 and AVC (H.264), Real Player 8
Duration                    : 19mn 38s
Bit rate                    : 181 Kbps
Width                       : 320 pixels
Height                      : 240 pixels
Display aspect ratio        : 4:3
Frame rate                  : 14.000 fps
Bits/(Pixel*Frame)          : 0.168
Stream size                 : 25.4 MiB (80%)

ID                          : 0
Format                      : Cooker
Codec ID                    : cook
Codec ID/Info               : Based on G.722.1, Real Player 6
Duration                    : 19mn 39s
Bit rate                    : 44.1 Kbps
Channel(s)                  : 2 channels
Sampling rate               : 44.1 KHz
Bit depth                   : 16 bits
Stream size                 : 6.20 MiB (20%)

After re-encoding with ffmpeg to x264/aac, the audio corruption is gone and I can watch it on serviio fine.

Input #0, rm, from 'ZBiDi017.rm':
    Target Audiences: 256K DSL/Cable Modem (225 Kbps);
    Audio Format    : Voice with Background Music
    Video Quality   : Normal Motion Video
    Creation Date   : 1/26/2002 18:00:03
    Modification Date: 1/26/2002 18:00:03
    Generated By    : RealProducer Plus Windows
    Keywords        : www.CoolDBZ.co.nr
    Abstract        :
    Content Rating  : (PICS-1.1 "http://www.classify.org/safesurf" labels commen
t "RealProducer Plus Windows" ratings (SS~~000 1))
    File ID         : 216e71d1-78e1-7cc5-7e47-e7dc949e77e3
    Description     : Dragonball-Planet.NL | Dragonball-City.NL
    title           : dbz epi 017
    author          : www.CoolDBZ.co.nr
    copyright       : www.CoolDBZ.co.nr
    comment         :
  Duration: 00:19:39.62, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 225 kb/s
    Stream #0:0: Audio: cook (cook / 0x6B6F6F63), 44100 Hz, stereo, fltp, 44 kb/
    Stream #0:1: Video: rv30 (RV30 / 0x30335652), yuv420p, 320x240, 180 kb/s, 14
.99 fps, 14.99 tbr, 1k tbn, 1k tbc

They are old files I always watch, it freaked me out when one didn't work.

I am getting a new drive when I have the extra money and hopefully won't have any more problems.

I doubt serviio caused it the files have been copied and renamed and moved a lot over the years.

Getting new hardware soon, just had a power outage last night and worried about more corruption.

TLDR; if it doesn't play reencode to mp4


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Post Sun Mar 04, 2018 9:35 pm

Re: Video stops playing fixed

you could also try a new version of ffmpeg


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Post Mon Mar 05, 2018 12:57 am

Re: Video stops playing fixed

Thanks I did try that and same result.

The latest static build.

I think there is corruption because at the exact spot the audio messes up when watching on pc in media player classic, there is a slight mosiac for about a quarter of a second. It was only one file so far but my house just had a lot of power outages with the server on so hopefully no more.

I just posted in case it helps someone else with the same problem.

It drove me crazy for about 12 hours trying to get it to play. thanks!

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