Post Mon May 07, 2018 4:39 pm

Streaming an IP camera to Samsung TV

Hi, I have Serviio on my Mac and I can view pictures and photos on my Samsung "Smart TV" but I am haveing trouble displaying streamed content from my H264 IP camera. I can view the content on my ipad but thought it would be nice on the tv.
I navigated Serviio to Library/Online Sources but cannot seem to get the URL syntax right. I have selected Source type-Live stream and Media type-Video. Whatever I type into the Source URL results in an error message after abt 60 seconds after hitting the Check stream URL button. ! "The stream URL is not valid or is not currently available"
My basic input is rtsp://UserId:Password@
(this address and port combination works with my ipad)
i presume I need some additional parameters but I am at a loss.

I have saved the incorrect details and it shows up on the list, but if I go to the Serviio Online folder on the tv there is "no content"

Any ideas?