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Router Causing Slow Internet



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Router Causing Slow Internet

We know that Interference can be caused by simply having another electronic device too close to the wireless router itself. I am having the same problem. My wireless router is sitting on or very close to our TV or sub-woofer speaker, or other electronic devices, so, it is causing interference and as the result, my router is getting slow. I have tried a lot to increase the speed of the router by resetting it and also have searched how to reset linksys router, but no change in speed is found.


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Re: Router Causing Slow Internet

You can try flashing the firmware on the WRT54GL to DD-WRT. That's a third party firmware which lots of people prefer over the factor firmware shipped with their routers. The WRT54GL was specially made to use third party firmware so you should have no problem installing it. Maybe DD-WRT will prove more reliable (routers are just tiny computers which usually run Linux, so different software will behave differently).


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Re: Router Causing Slow Internet

Huh.. I have never thought of that.. My router isn't wireless but it is close to a few electronic devices such as table computer, hifi stereo and TV and this table computer is the slowest in our flat. We have sometimes 5 computers connected. Two of those are connected threw wifi. Is it possible that because of the small distance between router and the other computer is the internet connection slow?
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Re: Router Causing Slow Internet

Well. The Lynkis router you have and the Belkin router are pretty much the same things. You can check the guides for Belkin and you'll probably find the answers here http://www.router-reset.com/router-login-web-interface/Belkin. Check the other articles there as well. The truth is out there.

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