Post Tue Nov 03, 2020 2:01 am

[Tech] error with DLNA streaming with serviio app

Hey guys, i have a question. i use serviio to stream digital movies/tv shows from my pc to the xbox media player app. it works fine in most cases, at first i had an issue that it gave an error with some of the files, i was able to fix this with changing the subtitle character encoding to windows-1250.

To be clear, i use burned in subtitles, if i turn this off, i have no issues at all.

But, with any file i stream, when i fast forward, it will give an error and stop playing. i don't usually have to use this. but sometimes it's just usefull. it gives error 0x0c00d11cd (0x80072f76).

Anyone knows why? it's only with fast forwarding, not rewinding.