Post Fri Oct 27, 2017 9:22 pm

Playback bug on Synology nas

I have a DS413j Synology and a Sony HX-800 TV. There is a strange behavior with the newly added video files.
(important note to understand the problem: the movie list on the tv shows the movie name, release date, movie length and the codec)
90% of the time the newly added movie files from the last sync are showed in the list without the length of the movie, which is not the problem, just the indication that there is a problem.
When I start the movie, the audio is mostly not in sync with the picture (but after 5 minutes it is 100% sure the desynchronization occures and by time it grows bigger and bigger). I used to solve audio/video desync. by a quick pause->play maneuver, but in case of these wrongly added files it is impossible to pause the movie. (tv says it is an unsupported action).
In 70% of cases the only help if I add a new file to the given folder, and make a new sync, in some cases only restarting the service helps (serviidroid app), sometimes i have to stop/start the application on the nas (in the package center). In the other I have to restart the whole NAS. There are cases when I do everything listed above and nothing solves the issue, only time when a few days later check back and the playback works as it should.
Is there anyone else having this kind of issue? It is very strange and I have no Idea how to solve it. It makes me hate my NAS and wishing for one with an HDMI output to end this network streaming misery.
FYI: I'm using the newest version, because I weekly update all the SW on my nas. This problem has been going on for some years now, but it feels like it is getting worse every time.
Thanks for the help.
Using: Serviio on Synology DS413j and Sony Bravia KDL-46HX800.