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Hello to All,
I am not sure how to classify this problem/observance, thus I am placing it in here:
For the purpose testing regarding issues described in another post, I have noticed "strange" (for me, but maybe normal as it should be) behavior while trying to play Serviio Web Live streams sourced on my local machine (more details below).
Environment: OS: Ubuntu 17.10 x64
Serviio either ver 1.9 or 1.9.1
python3 ver. Python 3.6.3
Network: Gigabit, wired (not wireless) (never issues with shared movie files; no way to execute shared m3u8 playlists, to compare)
As I mentioned before, for Serviio web live streaming testing purposes I needed to have a web server. Since I did not need to run Apache, I decided to execute a simple python3 web server by terminal/console command:
python3 -m http.server PORT_AVAILABLE_OF_USER'S CHOICE
So, all the python command outputs show in the terminal/console.
This "strange" behavior showed up regardless renderer I used: WDTV, Roku, or Android VLC (local ubuntu VLC, skipped only few files; see below).
When I attempt to stream segmented video, WDTV, Roku, or Android VLC resulting in "cycling through the entire m3u8 playlist, sometimes once, or more times, until a stream starts from a random .ts file from the playlist (sometimes one of the last ones on the m3u8 playlist).
It seems ffmpeg does not pause to recognize the first file on the list, but it runs through the entire list. Also, after finally starting playing a stream, and later stopping it, the python console shows serviio runs through entire m3u8 playlist to the end of the playlist (not sure why).
Is this a normal behavior, should Serviio (ffmpeg?) behave this way, or there is a bug in the web stream process, or maybe another web server would behave differently? There is nothing related in Serviio logs, at least I did not noticed.
I am attaching content of the console output, and m3u8 files being invoked during the process.
I am asking this question, since web streams I want to execute (play), take sometimes pretty long time to start (if they do not abort).
Any constructive input will be very welcomed.