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Image Resolution in Mediabrowser



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Image Resolution in Mediabrowser


I was wondering if there was a way to increase the image resolution on the mediabrowser. I have it set to High settings in console but I'd like to get the full resolution available. I have tried adding this line into application-profiles.xml under the html5 profile:


Restarting the serviio service didnt show any changes in image resolution. Is this adjustable?


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Re: Image Resolution in Mediabrowser

Yes it is, but requires changing entries in two different files.

First, in the profiles.xml file (in the config folder). Find the third from last line in the generic profile (the one at the beginning). Notepad++ shows it as line 187. It says

Change the word DLNA to HD. That's step one.

This improves resolution, but you can make another change and set any resolution you desire. In the Bin folder, there is a file called "ServiioService.exe.vmoptions". This is a simple text file, so you can open it with Notepad or other text editor. You will find a single line in the file:

Right under that line, add this:

The number can be whatever you desire. If I remember correctly, the standard DLNA setting is something like 120. Changing the setting to HD increases it to 320. With mine on 1000, there's little to no pixelization to the images. Don't go crazy with the number, as it makes your database larger (the images are stored in the DB) and there's likely a limit to the resolution of the images available online anyway.

You may need to go into the console and in the Metadata section click "Rescan video metadata" to refresh the images.

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