Post Mon Oct 14, 2019 3:49 pm

Startup Batch Window Won't Close if Serviio is Started

I have 6 programs in a special Startup Batch file (I want these to execute every time I log on). Due to Microsoft UAC restrictions, I have had to put them in a Batch file, and execute it from the Task Scheduler. This convoluted method has been working well until recently (I don't know it's the newest version of Serviio that I recently upgraded to, or one of the various and increasingly troublesome Microsoft updates that is the culprit). What is happening now is that all the programs execute, but the batch window will not close. If I comment out the execution of Serviio, all the other programs execute AND the batch window closes. If I leave Serviio in, however, and then just close the batch window, it ALSO closes Serviio. I have tried a variety of changes, but am stymied at this point. I just have to manually execute Serviio (and of course answer YES, I would like this to be able update files on my computer) each time. I'm wondering if there's some special setting or other (perhaps in the registry?) that might resolve this. Here's my batch file (resides in C:\UACSTARTUPS as StartupUps.bat:
cd "C:\UACStartups"
start "" "OxyngerKeyShield.lnk"
start "" "Serviio_Console.lnk"
start "" "TypeText.lnk"
start "" "Rainmeter.lnk"
start "" "Clipsecure.lnk"
start "" "Salamander.lnk"

Note that "Serviio_Console.lnk" Properties "Target" is: "C:\Program Files\Serviio\console\ServiioConsole.exe"
And that the Properties "Start In" is: "C:\Program Files\Serviio"

I am running Win10/64 Pro, Build 18362
Serviio Version 2.0

Again, all the programs execute, but if Serviio is one of them, then the batch window won't close.
- Thanks for any help/suggestions.