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PS4: Titles folder suddenly missing A-Z sub-folders



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PS4: Titles folder suddenly missing A-Z sub-folders

I'm sure there's a really obvious answer to this, but suddenly, for what appears to be no reason, the A-Z subfolders in my Titles menu are all gone, and it says "There is no playable media".

My entire library is showing up in every single other folder except this one.

My guess is there's an unchecked box somewhere on the console, but I couldn't find it. Please help! Thanks!

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Post Thu Oct 15, 2020 1:06 pm

Re: PS4: Titles folder suddenly missing A-Z sub-folders

I can't think of any specific setting that might cause this. Do you have a Pro license, and if so do the sub-folders appear in MediaBrowser? Do you have any other DLNA player that you can check for them, such as a Smart TV, Blu Ray player or streaming player?

If you are using Serviio 2.0 or later, did you assign a user to the PS4 in the Serviio console, but not give that user access to the shared library location?

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