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Incorrect Metadata



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Incorrect Metadata

I’ve successfully installed and using Serviio on my Android device (Verizon Note 3 using BubbleUpNP v2.0.8.2/MX Player v1.7.31) with serviio streaming from Windows 7 64bit Ultimate (latest). I’m seeing some very strange behavior which I’d like to figure out before I upgrade to the pro version of Serviio. The behavior is that Serviio appears to be pulling metadata from alternate semi-related (keyword?) sources and passing that info instead of the actual movie name.

Here's a few examples...

What is displayed - Actual name of movie which is on my PC - What’s common (?) with the files

Porn Academy 3: Young and Hung - Young guns (I have NO porn on my PC!) – the word YOUNG
Iron Dae-oh: The nations Iron bag - Iron giant (I do not have Iron Dae-oh) – the word IRON
Iron Fuzz – Ko-Kos hot ink (I do not have Ko-kos hot ink)
My Cousin Vinny - Oliver Poucher: Its my life (I do not have Oliver Pouches) – the word MY
Red Skelton - Red (Bruce Willis – a movie which I also have) - the word RED
How The Grinch Stole Christmas - Rich hall How The West Was Lost – the word HOW
Lord of the Rings (I have all of them) - Ringers: Lord of the Fans (I do not have this movie) – the word LORD
Lord of the Rings: the Two Towers - Secrets of the middle earth (I have this documentary)

In looking at these files, some of them didn’t have metadata (I’m in the process of encoding that in my whole library using MetaX).
In any of these cases with more than 1 file (i.e. a video that also has many making-of videos), each of the additional videos will also be called by the erroneous name.

Serviio is doing what I want, streaming video, but the display of the information in such an inconsistent and inaccurate way makes it unusable. Please advise!



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Re: Incorrect Metadata

Serviio searches for meta data from thetvdb.com and themoviedb.com based on the file name of your media file. Read my post here for details and some hints on how to address this issue: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=10626&p=70544#p70544. Give that a try and come back if you still can't rectify these (also provide the file name of the video file).
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