Post Tue Feb 03, 2015 10:22 pm

Synology DSM w/ Serviio

First; great product guys!

A late comer to the trans-coding world no doubt however, with only minor amounts of trouble-shooting, can now claim success with Serviio delivering lossless BD(MKV/FLAC) throughout my intranet - wired, of course. I stream from a DS411-II+ (Intel Atom) sporting DSM 4.3_3827. [Yes I know DSM is up to 5.1'ish; a horror story which ended with reverting backwards in OS].

The trouble-shooting I mentioned was to discover in the logs of the console machine a note stating (paraphrasing) "Serviio 1.5 console 'no-workie' with Serviio NAS service". Uninstalling v1.5 then downloading and installing v1.4.1 console and presto, all's well and happy. Incidentally, it not easy to find old(er) versions of Serviio.

Aside from this minor incompatibility, in case it helps other Synology owners, I am thrill with the performance. To date I do not perceive any lag between video and audio whether delivered to a Samsung F-series TV, Sony N200, laptops, or PCs - all's good.

Thanks guys!