Post Tue Feb 24, 2015 1:41 pm

Latest Update

I don't really post here, as I prefer to do my research, and fix things myself, it gives me a better understanding of how things work, rather than be spoon fed solutions :D

Just thought I would post to show my appreciation of the great work done by the devs, and in particular the latest update.

I use my dell xps laptop as a server, running the windows 10 preview, to my sony bravia kdl50w8 in my living room, and to my samsung E series bluray player in my bedroom.

I have used Serviio for over 2 years, and apart from the occasional glitch, mainly down to network issues tbf, it has been fantastic for me.

Until recently, when I lost the ability to watch via my bluray player, and spent a lot of hours trying to resolve the issue. to no avail.

A new baby in the house put paid to any more attempts to repair. :D

So, to last night, and installing the latest update.

Everything now works as it did before, without me tinkering with anything. :D

Many, many thanks, again, for all the great work.