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Server status?



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Server status?

Hi all!

I'm new to Serviio, having used ..... pretty much every other media server.

I'd like to say that installation was moderately pain free.... installed on Ubuntu server 16.04 without issue. My Kodi media box detected the media server without issue and even streamed subtitles on anime just fine! (very impressive imo).

The thing that is killing me, is there is virtually NO server status. No currently streaming devices, no current resource usage, I mean .... nothing.

By "virtually NO" I mean, status page lets me know that the server is in fact running....... and that's all. ALL.

If an interface is responding as expecting, does anyone need to know that it's RUNNING? I got that from the fact that the web interface is there and that attached devices can connect.

Are there any plans to implement useful information? Like.... streams currently being served, transcoding status, used cache/mem, cpu usage, and anything else that might tell us how the server is performing?

Thus far, I love HOW it works! I'd just like to know how WELL it works, so I can stream to multiple devices and get an idea about how or where it falls short. In my opinion "server status" should show a LOT more than "running." I searched Google and this site for any documents regarding server status and came up with nothing.

I hope I'm posting in the right place. I suppose this could also or rather be posted in "feature requests," but to me seems a gross lack of user experience.

Best regards


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Post Sat Nov 14, 2020 7:37 pm

Re: Server status?

Actually, there is a bit of that available now. On the Status page, when a device is streaming there is an icon to the right of the detected status icon on the very left side. If you click that icon it tells you what title is being streamed, and a rough bar indicating how far along the stream is. If this icon is green, no transcoding is being done. If it's more of an orange, then the file is being transcoded, although it doesn't show if it's the audio, video or both that is being transcoded.

But that is all that is currently provided. I can't say if the developer has any plans for more detailed information. Serviio is a one man operation, so he has to balance a home life and "real" job with the time spent working on Serviio.

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