Post Fri Dec 03, 2010 11:36 am

DVR-MS transcoding

Hi and thanks for what seems a great product! :D

I have just bought a Samsung C5800 TV to use with my Mediacenter PC. I tried the Samsung PC share manager software and its not great, I tried media sharing with windows media player and whilst at first it was ok, it seems unreliable in connection and rather slow showing the menus.

What I really like about your software is:
Its extreamly responsive when loading the lists of files on the TV and general menu movements.
It seems quicker than Media player or PC share manager when skipping though files
It allows streaming of external attached drives (PCshare manager dosent!)
It updates the database automatically (PCshare manager dosent!) and without high CPU usage
Its small and simple to use.

Now for the question - can you help with making a profile that does 2 things:
1) transcodes DVR-MS (microsoft recorded TV) files to a format that the Samsung TV plays. It would be much preferable if its possible to just change the 'continer' (if I understand this correctly) - hopefully this is possible as I think the DVR-MS is an MPEG-2 stream in a different container???

2) Transcodes WMA files into MP3 - as amazingly the samsung TV doesnt support WMA!!!

I would also like to support the requests for simplfying / reducing the folder items (video/audio/photo -> author/genre/...) and the request for 'resume at last viewed point'. [Since I watch mostly recorded TV I mostly search my either title or date recorded and not really intereted in more detailed categorisation. The resume at last viewed point is really useful]

Once again thanks for a great product that simply 'works' which is the most important thing for most users I feel!