Post Wed Mar 06, 2019 7:52 am

Sony Bravia 2011 Profile problems and solutions

Hi all,

I'm still using an old Sony KDL-40EX720 (Uses Sony Bravia 2011 profile that is inherited from Bravia 2012 profile) with Serviio. I'm now looking for optimal profile for this TV since the default provided with Serviio installation isn't cutting it. I have made these discoveries and I hope to get help from you guys:

1. Burned-in subtitles and aspect ratio problems

TV doesn't support external subs so they have to be burned-in. When I activate burned-in subs the image seems to squeeze from top to bottom. This doesn't happen with all clips but with most of them. I altered the GenericTranscoding element in sonybravia2012 profile by taking out the DAR="16:9" which seemed to fix this squeezing.

2. Burned-in subtitles and starting a clip

When burned-in subtitles are activated it takes a long time to start to watch a clip. I may have to restart the play three times in order to get the clip finally running. Is there anything to help with this? Also jumping to a specific time in a clip doesn't really work with burned-in subtitles enabled. I guess it has something to do with transcoding.

3. Burned-in subtitles and some clips unplayable

When burned-in subtitles are activated some of the clips that worked without this setting activated become unplayable. The log file isn't really giving hints, it just says started play of clip x. Something to do with transcoding settings?

4. Most AVI files are not playing at all

Haven't really found anything to fix this. This happens even without the burned-in subtitles enabled. Anything?