Post Mon Apr 08, 2019 2:13 am

some files only working on the M version

So, lately, I'm having an interesting problem that I have not noticed in the past. I have noted a larger number of files that play easily and quickly on my UN40MU6290 unit, but the same files don't seem to want to work on my F or C televisions from Samsung. I haven't noticed anything like this in the past, even with the older 46C8000 television. I am sort of at a loss. Serviio has always worked flawlessly for all the Samsung televisions and Bluray players on my home network.

I have to add that I am really nothing close to a pro at all of this type of tech. I would say I am less knowledgable than just about anyone. I have never really had to get into much of this. Serviio just always worked.

Any sort of help would certainly be appreciated.

Thank you all,

Terry Harp