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Good evening friends.

I have a device [b]"Smart TV Philips 47PFL8606D-78[/b]", and I'm having problems with subtitles.

I downloaded the movie "12 Years of Slavery 720p" with 2 files:
1st Video MKV. 2nd of subtitles. SRT.

"Wolverine Immortal 1080p 3D 'with 5 files:
1st. Video MKV, 2nd. SRT, 3rd. SUB, 4. IDX and 5. XML

When using DLNA 1.4 Pro with Servvio between Smart TV and Computer, naturally put all the files in one folder, video + audio + subtitles. So when I go on tv, open Serviio, folders and choose one of the folders with the files together cited above, gives message on tv tv:
"File not Read or Not Found"

So I take the files and folders legends leave only the MKV video file, the video opens and runs normally, but without translation and without subtitles.

Recalling that the files mentioned have no problem wrongs. For when I open them in any player I have on the computer, the two videos mentioned above run normal with audio dubbing and subtitles. All normal.

But this problem only happens with these 02 videos. For other videos that I have on the computer MKV, Subtitles and Audio, all files together in the same folder and the same formats (MKV,. SRT,. SUB. IDX and. XML), as is normal, see Normal with options audio and subtitles. No problem.

What happens if the file types of videos, audios, subtitles are in the same formats and supported by Smart Tv Ie MKV video. Subtitle and Audio Files in. SRT,. SUB. IDX and. XML, all supported by the TV.

Are there files Videos, Audios and Subtitles to MKV formats. SRT,. SUB. And IDX. XML compiled and different from each other.

If yes, please could someone tell me and help me saying why the Smart Tv accept some types of files and audios Subtitles MKV,. SRT,. SUB. IDX and. XML, and others not?

What is the difference between them? Thank you.


Streaming enthusiast

Posts: 30

Joined: Thu Feb 20, 2014 10:37 pm

Post Tue Apr 15, 2014 1:46 am


Good evening friends and colleagues . Descupem the delay in returning to this topic started by me .

I managed to solve the problem , see how those who are interested and are going through what I did :

Researched a lot and did not find any answer in net, and lost a lot of time . So I even started studying the problem .

After analyzing and studying the subtitle files , I realized that when it downloads some files , MKV movies , many subtitle formats v ~ in ANSI .

And I realized that in others the subtitle files are in UTF - 8 , are in SUB , SRT , etc formats , which is the format supported by Serviio , in my case always use Serviio Pro

So when you use the vc + tv Philips Serviio DLNA mode, and the video does not run and gives the message : " File not found etc , please note that the subtitle files , SRT , SUB , etc. if you are in ANSI probably are .
Then , open the subtitle file with Notepad and save it as UTF - 8 .

Remove the original files downloaded subtitles in ANSI folder where the MKV video , and put in place the subtitle files that have been modified to UTF - 8 .

That's it, now your video files , or are MKV and others who use subtitles , will run normally.
;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

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